1. View product by categories > Select the item you want .

  2. Do leave any comments if you have any inquiries or note for us 

  3. Your order will be processed and we will contact you to confirm the stock availability and advice for payment.

   4. Do inform us once payment is made and we will send the items ordered for packaging and will send out for delivery on the following day.                       

   5. All item are on 1st pay 1st serve basis.

To order, please emel to;
         a) Name : (Your name)
         b) Contact Number : (Personal mobile phone number)
         c)  Shipping Address and email contact : (Address to shipping item)
         d)  Name Album,Name & Code Item : (name Item n quantity)
         e)  We accept Maybank Account /CIMB Account.

After make payment, please inform me ,
         a) Payer name : (Your name)
         b) Bank in to which bank : (our Maybank or CIMB)
         c) Bank of transfer : (Bank name of your account)
         d) Date and time of transfer : (date of money deposited or transfered)
         e) Amount : (Money deposited or transfered)
         f)  Payment evidence details : (reference number)


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